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Play chess with 32 beautiful brass pieces of your past. Each piece is modeled after a Bronx icon.

Play chess with 32 beautiful brass pieces of your past. Chess pieces fashioned after Bronx icons. A crafted storage case and unique Bronx chess board. These sculptured chess pieces were created by well known artist Don Desper. His work appears in many galleries, corporations and homes throughout the world.

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The Pawn characterizes that infamous Bronx gang, the Fordham Baldies. The figure wears a leather jacket and jeans. The Rook is a scaled-down Kingsbridge Armory with two turrets and a stairway leading to the entrance. The Knight is a whimsical sculpture of 9 animals found at the Bronx Zoo. The Bishop is modeled after the Conservatory at the Botanical Gardens, complete with the lush vegetation that grows there. The Queen is our very own Loew's Paradise Theatre with a facade capturing all of the details from the clock to the ticket booth, and the King is the Yankee Stadium, perched atop 3 baseball bats. Look carefully and you'll see the baseline and the pitcher's mound.

Imagine playing a game of chess, where every move you make, you hold a piece of your past. And each piece isn't punched out of plastic or imitation wood, but handsomely molded brass, weighted (over 10 pounds!) and hand crafted by a famous artist. The Pawns are that infamous Bronx gang, the Fordham Baldies, with clenched fists, holding baseball bats, as they stand ready to protect your turf. The Rook is the Kingsbridge Armory. The Knight is The Bronx Zoo. Your Bishop is the Conservatory at the Bronx Botanical Gardens, Queen is the Loew’s Paradise and the King is Yankee Stadium.

Even the board is checkered with squares that alternate between the high-bouncing spaldeen, that kept us in the neighborhood having fun, and the 15-cent subway token that allowed us to reach out and explore other areas. Besides the heightened joy of the game, this set is a keepsake and a showpiece to be displayed anywhere in your home.

Give yourself, a friend or a relative a great treat with this great gift. And if you order early, you’ll get a special price on our limited edition. As always, there is a full, money-back guarantee. For Bronxites, this is the real deal! - Steve Samtur, editor, Back In THE BRONX. Your chess set will arrive complete with a custom-crafted playing board & genuine wood carrying case.

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