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Loew’s Paradise Theatre
First EditionVideo

It’s not often that we’re allowed the opportunity to own a magnificent piece of Bronx history.

This is our opportunity.

The movie theater known as “Loew’s Paradise” was aptly named. Once you stepped inside its exquisite brass doors and took in the visual splendor of its palatial interior – painted ceilings reminiscent of the Sistine Chapel, a glorious fountain complete with swimming goldfish, chandeliers that resembled cascading diamonds, marble columns topped by angelic cherubs, the intricate swirls of flowers and vines – you might have thought you were, indeed, in “Paradise.”

And once you climbed the stairs to the upper level, passing alcoves filled with busts of Christopher Columbus, Mozart, Shakespeare, and gazed upward at the inner theater’s ceiling of night sky and twinkling stars, the illusion of “Paradise” was complete.

Here is your chance to own that “magnificent piece of Bronx history.” The best part is that you’ll get to see Loew’s Paradise as it was in your treasured memories, and as it is today – beautifully restored to its original grandeur. What better way to recall the days when “going to the movies” was an elegant experience. When movie theaters were more the “main attraction” than even the featured films.

This is an experience to share with your children and grandchildren, who know only “multiple-movie complexes,” the splendor of a Bronx movie theater known as “Loew’s Paradise.” With this video you can take a rare trip back in time to the glory days of “going to the movies!”

For additional photos of the Paradise, click here to visit our Bronx Movie Theatres page.

Click here to buy the Loew's Paradise Theatre Video.


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