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The The Bronx Song CD
The The Bronx Song
By Whitman & Pantell in Stereo!

This new song by Whitman & Pantell is an epic which centers around Dora and Jack’s Candy Store in Fordham, featuring the well known Bronxites who passed through (well, maybe they did!), and the historical events that affected The Bronx over a good part of the 20th century.

The characters in this CD/EP include The Bambino, The Baldies, Parkees, Martians, Houdini, Eddie Poe, Hank Greenberg, Coopniks, Dad, and a cast of 1.4 million, doing what they do at such places as the Paradise, the Concourse, Crotona Park, and Orchard Beach.

The song brings to life the humorous and touching moments that make the Bronx the very special place that it was, is, and will always be.

This enjoyable EP also includes an intro, “At the Crossroads”, two tracks from Whitman and Pantell’s other CDs including the “The Frisbee Song,” and an 8 page booklet with lyrics, old Bronx photos, and prints. 100% Bronx folks made! Get yours today!

Karen Whitman & Rick Pantell, are Bronx born artists/musicians now residing in Woodstock, NY. They met one night, showed each other their etchings, and have been making beautiful art and music together ever since. Awright!
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