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Bronx Movie Theatres Poster


Revisit yesteryear with this poster featuring actual photographs of more than 100 Bronx movie theatres.

Remember those magic Saturdays, when you would hurry to finish your Ralston or Wheateena? Your mother would pack your lunch and you'd be off for a whole day of a double feature, a newsreel, a chapter, a western and cartoons . . . all for the price of 15 cents.

And when you got older, you spent a little more on a date at The Paradise, with a finale at Krum's or Jahn's. All those great movies had posters and advertisements and credits.

But nobody ever gave credit to the places that showed these films. Not until now. This big, bold, beautiful, 22-by-28-inch poster will remind you of those great places: The Crest in Highbridge, the Savoy in Belmont, the Kingsbridge Theatre, and the RKOs, like Fordham, Spooner, 167th Street, Burnside, Elsmere, Fairmount, National, Post Road, and others. Plus all those mouth-watering confections that were sold there, like Bonomos Turkish Taffy, Zagnut Bar, Jujubes, buttons and candy cigars. Order this great gift and a must-own item because it keeps a treasured piece of history with you. A piece of history that you will never find in a book.

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