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The Bronx: Then & Now; The Bronx: Lost, Found, and Remembered; PLUS The Complete Bound Book II of Back In THE BRONX magazine (Issues 19-34)


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In “The Bronx: Then & Now,” you will see the buildings, stores, movies, intersections, and entire blocks that have changed or even vanished since the days you grew up in The Bronx. But they still are there, alive and well preserved for posterity, within the pages of this beautifully bound book, “The Bronx: Then and Now.”

Some of the hundreds of stories in the bound books include trolleys on Southern Boulevard (and other Bronx locations), or the El on Third Avenue, playing in Crotona Park, Macombs Dam Park, or the largest park in New York City, Pelham Bay Park. Remember the summer trips to Orchard Beach, Shorehaven, and/or Castle Hill Pool, or a day at Yankee Stadium? We also revisit Freedomland, the Paradise and other local movie theatres, and travel to the restaurants of Belmont and Arthur Avenue, like Mario’s or Dominick’s, then shopping at Alexander’s, followed by a hot fudge sundae at Krum’s, a ‘Kitchen Sink’ at Jahn’s, or a frankfurter at Gorman’s. You will even find stories from your neighborhood, or the old block, and even, quite possibly, your apartment building or candy store. When this happens, our readers tell us it is like an old neighborhood block party all over again.

And, with an additional 300 pictures in “Then & Now,” you can visit the old neighborhoods, candy stores, apartment buildings, department stores, schools, and 50 photos of movie theaters – the way they were then and the way they are now after years of changing.

Even though so much of The Bronx has changed or is even gone, the special memories have been captured and preserved with rare and authentic photographs within every page of Back In THE BRONX magazine and “The Bronx: Then & Now.”

“The Bronx: Lost, Found, and Remembered” contains over 400 never-before-seen pictures from 1935-1975 that will stir your imagination with warm memories and wonderful thoughts of your days in The Bronx.

“The Complete Bound Book Volume II” comprises over 200 wonderful nostalgic stories with over 400 vintage photos from the 1930s to the 1960s. Are you looking for some “special” person or persons from the past? With close to 2,000 classified ads, the chances are very good you’ll reconnect with that someone or someones.

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Any submissions of stories, letters and/or photos will be accepted only with Back In THE BRONX magazine having the non-exclusive rights to publish in its magazine and/or in reprints and anthologies and/or in future books containing the compilation of previous magazine issues.

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