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Three Books


The Bronx: Then & Now; The Bronx: Lost, Found, and Remembered; PLUS
The Complete Bound Book II of Back In THE BRONX magazine (Issues 19-34)

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In “The Bronx: Then & Now,” you will see the buildings, stores, movies, intersections, and entire blocks that have changed or even vanished since the days you grew up in The Bronx. But they still are there, alive and well preserved for posterity, within the pages of this beautifully bound book, “The Bronx: Then and Now.”

"The Bronx: Lost, Found, and Remembered" contains over 400 never-before-seen pictures from 1935-1975 that will stir your imagination with warm memories and wonderful thoughts of your days in The Bronx.

"The Complete Bound Book Volume II" comprises over 200 wonderful nostalgic stories with over 400 vintage photos from the 1930s to the 1960s. Are you looking for some "special" person or persons from the past? With close to 2,000 classified ads, the chances are very good you’ll reconnect with that someone or someones.

Price: $59.90

The Bronx: Lost, Found & Remembered


Return to Those Wonderful Days of Yesteryear

Let us take you back to the fabulous Bronx we all knew and loved in the best way possible, with a first-class tour of over 400 fantastic, never-before-seen pictures of the movies, apartments, schools, restaurants, and candy stores. All the places we called home.
Price: $29.95

The Bronx: Then & Now


More than 300 photos of The Bronx of bygone days, each matched with a comtemporary photo of the same scene. You will be amazed!
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'Little Italy of The Bronx' Belmont & Arthur Avenue


See the places that drew, and still draw people by the thousands to shop, eat, and sight-see in this popular neighborhood in The Bronx. Photos by the score, stories galore, nick-names, cartoons, the people, the places and the streets we all remember.
Price: $19.95

Bound Book IIComplete Bound Set, Magazine Issues XIX-XXXIV


Reprinted in a single volume.
Sixteen complete issues of Back In THE BRONX magazine.
Price: $24.95


Copyright 2011, Back In THE BRONX


A View From THE STOOP,
Two-Disk DVD

The Bronx:: Lost, Found & Remembered, 1935-1975

The Bronx Then & Now

Little Italy of the Bronx, Belmont & Arthur Avenue