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A brand new DOUBLE DVD collection of nostalgic memoirs.
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Here are 30 Bronx celebrities who’ve been interviewed and have contributed to these two DVDs. Can you guess which celebrity is associated with the following depictions of their lives in The Bronx?
One of these celebrity Bronxites delivered The Bronx Home News to former middleweight champion Jake La Motta who lived near Pelham Parkway. Who is he?
2. Which famous Bronxite, recently honored at the Loew’s Paradise, looked up and quipped, “There’s more DNA on the balcony seats of the Paradise than on the television show CSI?” Answer
3. This acclaimed Bronx actor starred in a Bronx movie. His fight scene took place on the rooftop of the same building in which he grew up. Who is he? Answer
4. This Italian-American Bronx icon was inspired by the chanting of a cantor while walking past a synagogue on Pelham Parkway during the High Holidays. Answer
5. Which Bronx superstar returned to his childhood neighborhood to hire some of his old friends to portray stereotypical characters in his Bronx-themed movie? Answer

2-Disc Set DVD

Looking at the past through rose-colored glasses is an expression that doesn’t apply to those who grew up and came of age in The Bronx (the only borough that requires an introduction!). Our precious memories are proof-positive that those rosy glasses just aren’t’ necessary.

Back In THE BRONX is extremely proud to present a brand new DOUBLE DVD collection of nostalgic memoirs culled from over 50 hours of transport tapes, home movies, and film clips from our readers, along with additions to our photo gallery of over 7,000 Bronx neighborhood pictures, many of which are a contribution from New York City’s Municipal Archives.

A View From THE STOOP Expanded Edition
Memories From THE STOOP All New

Just a sampling of what you’ll see on our exciting new DVD collection:

The splendid 1940s trolleys of Southern Boulevard, Tremont Avenue, and White Plains Road; the 3rd Avenue El that in the summertime rumbled past apartment buildings and kitchen windows, close enough to get a whiff of (and practically taste) the many different ethnic dishes being prepared for the traditional family meal, the shopping bastions of Alexander’s, Loehmann’s, Hearn’s, John’s Bargain Store, Thom McCan, the restaurants and theatres of Fordham Road; the unforgettable ice cream parlors of Krum’s and Jahn’s, with its legendary “Kitchen Sink;” our beautiful beaches and clubs . . . Orchard Beach, Shorehaven, Castle Hill, Cascades, Palm Beach, Bronx Beach and, of course, tar beach . . . and so much more.

Our newly revised TWO-SET DVD contains over thirty Bronx-born celebrities who lovingly recall their own memories. It also includes ALL Bronx neighborhoods, and totals approximately three hours of nostalgic Bronx reminiscences.

Best of all, our new 2-set DVD is actually the equivalent of not two, but FOUR discs. Along with an expanded edition of “A View From The Stoop,” the second DVD is comprised of three sections: “Memories From The Stoop,” a color video of “Freedomland,” and the grand re-opening of Loew’s Paradise Theatre in all its restored splendor.

Click here to buy this 2-Disc STOOP DVD Collection. $39.95


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