Back In THE BRONX - The way it was!


Back In THE BRONX – 93

  • The Chinese Laundry Caper
  • South Bronx Memories
  • Uzi’s Store
  • Escape in The Bronx
  • The Monroe Legacy
  • True Romance
  • Attending a Bronx Elementary School During World War II
  • The Pelham Parkway Little League
  • Tom the Candy Store, and Other Nicknames
  • College, The Draft, & The Military
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Back In THE BRONX – 94

  • The First Automobile in The Bronx
  • The First Day Back
  • The Friday Night We Did Not Have Boiled Chicken for Dinner
  • Growing Up with the Fonz?
  • Some of My Reminiscences of The Bronx
  • Before the Bridge
  • Pvt. Teahan’s D-Day Rifle Found 72 Years Later
  • A Bronx Nerd in the 1950s
  • You Can’t Go Home Again
  • Alive and Well and Still Living in The Bronx
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Back In THE BRONX – 95

  • A Bronx Outsider Looking In
  • The 1940s in The Bronx: A Memoir
  • Robin Pharmacy
  • Luhrs Confectionery
  • Herman Ridder J.H.S.
  • Dating in The Bronx
  • Bronx House and Camp Bronx House, Revisited
  • Diamond Jim and Shopping on 231st Street
  • A Pleasant Day
  • **Special Bonus: Review of “A Bronx Tale”**
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Back In THE BRONX – 96

  • The Valentine’s Day Barton Candy Caper
  • Delivering The Goods
  • The Saturday Matinee: A Bronx Tradition
  • My Bronx in The Projects
  • “The Rail”
  • Claremont Park Area Memories
  • Wakefield: The Last Outpost of “The Forgotten Borough”
  • The Bronx: An Academic Powerhouse
  • Ida
  • Five Dollars and The Bronx in 1950
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Back In THE BRONX – 97

  • Bronx Tango
  • Escape from The Bronx Summer Heat
  • Reunion Miracle
  • The Raft
  • Homecoming
  • The Big Dig: Excerpt from Damaged in Transit
  • Morris “Unc” Cohen, A Bronx Boy Who Made Bad
  • My Shop Class History
  • The Cheyennes and The Jewish “Jersey Boys” of The Bronx
  • Go Out And Play!
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Back In THE BRONX – 98

  • Close Encounters with the Future Famous
  • Mah Jongg Mavens of The Bronx
  • The Bronx? Yes Thonx!
  • Mrs. Sessa’s Bloomers
  • Living In The Bronx With Gramps
  • Turn Out the Lights, The Party’s Over
  • Saturday Shopping on Arthur Avenue
  • Meet Ya On The Corner (181st & Grand, That Is)
  • Amalgamated Stories
  • Wild and Crazy Kids
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Back In THE BRONX – 99

  • Caught Between Two Worlds
  • Dorn’s Pharmacy
  • Living on Bathgate Avenue
  • Couples Only
  • Getting Into Trouble In The Bronx
  • The Doctor Is In: Have A Seat, He’ll Be Right With You!
  • The Bronx Dodger Fan
  • Abandoned Outside The Bronx (AKA The Football Game and The Boy Scouts)
  • From Trojan Field to the Stadium
  • Tony & Me
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Back In THE BRONX – Issue 100


  • As I Remember It (Marvin Scott)
  • An Interview with Regis Philbin
  • Challenging Mrs. Graux (Robert Klein)
  • An Interview with Chazz Palminteri
  • The Jehovah’s Witnesses at Bat in Yankee Stadium
  • Model Apartment
  • Bronx Strong
  • Growing Up Deaf in The Bronx
  • My Road To Independence
  • Gambling in The Bronx
  • Bonds
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Back In THE BRONX – Issue 101

  • The Tax Stamp
  • Twin Pharmacy
  • Kingsbridge
  • Highbridge
  • Memories of a Bronx Delivery Boy
  • My First Day In A New World
  • Now I Know Why Mrs. Zick Was Frowning All the Time
  • The Macaroni Girl
  • Bladders, Babbles, & Bib Numbers
  • Doo-Wop Dreaming In The Bronx
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Back In THE BRONX – Issue 102

  • Everybody Loved Raymond
  • Two Guys Named Louie
  • Clang, Clang, Clang Went the Trolley
  • Memories of the East Bronx and Beyond
  • 3200 Rochambeau Avenue
  • Don’t Change the Script
  • The Yankees in the Early ’60s
  • My Journey at P.S. 86
  • The Spofford Lot
  • Romance in The Bronx
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Back In THE BRONX – Issue 103

  • Remembering Penny
  • Which Twin Has the Toni?
  • The Bronx Is Music to My Ear
  • The Biggest Small Place in the World
  • Kindness
  • Bronx Guy on the Navajo Reservarion
  • My Bronx Achievement
  • Trying to Date on the Cheap
  • The Pied Piper of Kingsbridge
  • Sunday Mornings on East 182nd Street and Mapes Avenue
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Back In THE BRONX – Issue 104

  • No Reservations
  • A Death on the Bronx River (and Other Tales)
  • Fire in the Bathtub
  • Jew-ISH
  • Just Another Kid from Da Bronx
  • Coming of Age
  • The Stadium, The Bronx, & Me
  • How Things Used To Be
  • Meanderings Through The Bronx over the Years
  • Plans for the 13th Birthday Party
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Back In THE BRONX – Issue 105

  • Money, Money, Money! How Bronx Teenagers Put Dough in Their Pockets in the 1950s
  • The Apartment Building
  • Windsor Theater
  • Finding More Than an Echo in the Tunnel
  • Growing Up in University Heights
  • Crying Out Loud on Carroll Place
  • Parkchester on My Mind
  • Saturday Mornings in Cinelli’s Savoy Movie House
  • A Full Athletic Scholarship to DWC
  • Summertime In The Bronx
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Back In THE BRONX – Issue 106

  • Naked in The Bronx
  • The Greatest Teacher
  • The Original Chico and The Man
  • A Tainted Victory
  • P.S. 48
  • What’s in Your Pocket?
  • Bronx Man Leads Russian Revolution: Remembering the Bronx Home News
  • Vyse Avenue
  • Boys in Blue
  • The Aqueduct
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Back In THE BRONX – Issue 107

  • The Clean Plate Club
  • Trick-or-Treating in My Bronx Neighborhood
  • Brooklyn Boy Becomes Bronx Man
  • Memories of the Bronx Central Post Office
  • Civil Air Patrol
  • The Bronx Goes to the Catskills
  • That Takes the Cake
  • Attending a Bronx Elementary School During WWII
  • Three Theaters in Norwood
  • Bryant Avenue
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