Back In THE BRONX - The way it was!


Back In THE BRONX – 78

  • Manhole Fundamentals
  • Jumper on the Ledge
  • Tina and Toni Do Istanbul
  • The William Howard Taft Junior-Senior Egg Fight of 1962
  • The Bronx: A Village With Eyes
  • Moving Experience
  • The Passing Parade
  • The Family Store
  • Killer Ball Baby
  • Lunatic Travels From The Bronx
  • Growing Up on Stratford Avenue
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Back In THE BRONX – 79

  • From The Bronx to The Big Screen
  • A Bronx Boy’s Adventures at Sea
  • The Old Neighborhood
  • A Safe Place to Be Smart
  • Excerpt from Stickball & Egg Creams
  • Eddie Ceitlin´24 at 106 Years Old Still Sings the Clinton Fight Song
  • 1950 Andrews Avenue
  • Returning
  • The Greatest Generation
  • Look At That Kid Go!
  • My Experiences Growing Up in the West Bronx
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Back In THE BRONX – 80

  • Friends, Love, and Turkish Taffy
  • Pieces/Parts
  • Gerard Avenue: My Village
  • Baseball Memories
  • Our Roots Trip
  • Memories of the N.Y.P.D.: Floater in The Bronx River
  • My Teachers
  • The Last of the Gumshoes
  • Life on West 195th Street During World War II
  • Remembrances of the ‘4os and ‘5os in Pelham Parkway
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Back In THE BRONX – 81

  • Starlight Memories
  • Anne Frank in The Bronx
  • From Egg Creams to Politics
  • Bronx Garbage
  • Ladder of Death
  • The Bronx Boy Discovers Invisible Ink
  • My Early Life in The Bronx Set the Stage
  • A Bronx Handball Legacy: It’s All in the “Jeans”
  • The Complications of Loyalty
  • East of Eden
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Back In THE BRONX – 82

  • The Fordham Ram is Missing
  • The Bronx During the 1950’s Golden Age of Mambo and Rock & Roll
  • Finding Allen: A Subway Rescue Mission
  • B.I.C.
  • The Day I Met Robert F. Kennedy
  • Crossing Bruckner
  • Playing in the Lots
  • The Ghosts of St Raymond’s Cemetery
  • Jerome Avenue Incident
  • Peanuts & Crackerjacks
  • Polly’s Swing
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Back In THE BRONX – 83

  • Near-Death Experiences
  • Religion and the Pickle Man
  • We Won! We Won!
  • Love & Lies In The Bronx
  • Behind the Counter at the Walton Luncheonette
  • 1 ,2, 3 Strikes, You’re Out and About in The Bronx
  • When Race Mattered
  • The Spies´ Apartment & Bronx Patriots
  • Rose and the Bookies
  • Seven Broads A-Kickin’
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Back In THE BRONX – 84

  • Cowboy Heroes of The Golden Bronx
  • The Whip is Here, The Whip is Here!
  • The Boys in “The Post”
  • Growing Up Bronx
  • A Tale of Co-op City: Lost in Space
  • DeWitt Clinton High School
  • These Were The Best of Times (What Did I Know)
  • A Weekend Warrior From The Kingsbridge Armory
  • Bronxconomics
  • RFK in The BX
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Back In THE BRONX – 85

  • Elementary School
  • Mrs. Littman Wins A Turkey
  • Tale of the Lost Ring (or Three Days in May)
  • My Personal Recollections of Jerry Vale
  • The Day I Saw A U.F.O.
  • Plan B
  • Going to the Movies
  • Consequences
  • 610 Waring Avenue
  • There’s a War on, Moron
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Back In THE BRONX – 86

  • I Never Played In Carnegie Hall
  • A Bronx Shopping Experience
  • The Haircut
  • Seinfeld and The Bronx Connection
  • Love of Candy Stores and Soda Fountains
  • The Demolition of the Third Avenue El
  • Newsreels and Chicken Schmaltz
  • The House That I. LaRussa Built
  • Hope You´ll Never Get to This Part of The Bronx: Hart Island
  • An English Racer in The Bronx
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Back In THE BRONX – 87

  • St. Mary’s Park
  • Love on An Elementary Level
  • Growing Up on Jerome Avenue
  • F-L-A-S-H-P-O-I-N-T
  • Music and The Bronx
  • Green Patches of The Bronx
  • The High Bridge of Highbridge
  • My Night With Eleanor Roosevelt
  • West 23oth Street & Me
  • Date Night In The Bronx
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Back In THE BRONX – 88

  • The Miracle on Shakespeare Avenue
  • The Calucie Quiz
  • Blackie
  • The Road to Mandalay
  • The Prize
  • Homage To Herman Ridder J.H.S. 98: A School to Remember
  • The Draft and the Military
  • A Night in The Bronx 1955 B.A.C.
  • A Tale of Two Vyse Avenue Teens
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Back in THE BRONX – 89

  • The Roxy Deli and George
  • Bronx Initiations
  • A Mitzvah
  • Growing Up In The Bronx (1928-1951)
  • Vending in the 1940s
  • He Was My Best Friend
  • The View From My Window
  • The Blessings of Growing Up In The Bronx
  • Apartment 6H
  • My Bronx
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Back In THE BRONX – 90

  • The Little Lady in the Apartment Who Pulled Me Through
  • 13 Pizzas
  • High School Adventures
  • Doo-Woppin’ The Bronx
  • Midnight Mass
  • A Free-Range Kid in The Bronx
  • A Friend for a Lifetime
  • A Haircut in The Bronx
  • Unusual Bronx Games
  • Farewell, Yogi
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Back In THE BRONX – 91

  • Suspended In Time
  • Highbridge Hijinks
  • Angelica
  • Gompers
  • Unusual Bronx Games
  • It’s 1958, and…
  • The Grand Days of Grand Concourse
  • The Gramercy Boys Club: A Bright Spot in the Gas House District
  • A Bronx Tale: Growing Up in The Bronx
  • Up On The Roof
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Back In THE BRONX – 92

  • Bowling at All Star Lanes & Hanging Out on Macombs Road
  • A Visit To Clason Point and P.S. 107
  • Georgie and Marie
  • Just Another Bronx Saturday
  • One Twenty Seven
  • Park Plaza Sweet Shoppe
  • Easter Sunday
  • When Rhododendrons and Dates Bloomed in The Bronx
  • The Bronx Zoo
  • The Redhead on the Number 4
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