Back In THE BRONX - The way it was!

Bronx Trivia Test How well do you remember The Bronx? Find out with this 20-question trivia test. (It won't go on your permanent record.)

What Bronx high school has the most (8) Nobel Prize. Winners?

Answer Bronx Science

What Cardinal Hayes graduate and television personality had a Bronx street named after him?

Answer Regis Philbin

What station is this IRT Jerome Avenue train approaching?

Answer 161st Street & River Avenue

Name this Concourse department store by filling in the name as it was sung in their jingle. "When the values go up, up, up, and the prices go down, down down, (ANSWER) this season will show you the reason, low overhead, low overhead."

Answer Robert Hall

What was the original name of the sporting goods store located on Fordham Road that has since has become Modells?

Answer Davega

What was the nautical nickname of the Art Deco building that is located on the Concourse and 166th Street.? The [ANSWER] Building.

Answer Fish

The 7th Ave Express train that originated at the South Ferry Station terminated at what Bronx Station?

Answer 180th Street & Bronx Park

What was the name of the Bronx college that initially housed the Hall of Fame?

Answer New York University

What was the name of the famous frankfurter stand located on Fordham Road across the street from the Valentine movie theatre?

Answer Gorman's

What section of the Bronx was "Custard's Last Stand" located?

Answer City Island

What was the name of the large insurance company that purchased land in the Bronx to build Parkchester?

Answer Metropolitan Life

Duke Ellington. R.H. Macy, and George M.Cohan all share a Bronx connection. What is it?

Answer They were all buried in the Woodlawn Cemetery.

How many people did Jahn's "Kitchen Sink" feed?

Answer 4 to 6

What was the most popular chocolate syrup that a Bronxite would use when making a homemade egg cream?

Answer u-bet

A very popular 1950S Bronx radio jingle advertisement for Saks Quality Furniture Included a phone number. Complete this phone number.................... MElrose 5 - 53___.

Complete this Bronx radio advertisement jingle: Learn dancing in a hurry with ________________.

Answer Arthur Murray

The Bronx has the country's oldest: 1. beer brewery 2. municipal golf course 3. motorcycle racetrack

Answer b (Van Cortlandt Golf Course)

Complete this early 1960s Bronx television & radio jingle; "Mom & Dad take my hand, take me out to [ANSWER]

Answer Freedomland

If you took the D train from the Concourse in 1954 and traveled to Coney Island, how much would you have paid for a token?

  • a. ten cents
  • b. fifteen cents
  • c. twenty cents

Answer b (fifteen cents)

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