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ONLY 1 LEFT: Loew’s Paradise DVD


1 Hour Running Time
Produced & Written by Stephen Samtur

If you grew up in The Bronx, and you wanted to impress that special someone, what movie theatre would you take her to? More than likely, it would have been the Loew’s Paradise on the Grand Concourse. Anybody over 50 years of age will never forget this theatre. It had a majestic charm, a romantic atmosphere accented by the wispy clouds and bright sparkling lights overhead. For most, the magnificence of this palace could never be fully realized because we were just too young to appreciate it. Back In THE BRONX has been given total access and is the first to film this multi-million dollar theatre restoration, and now everyone (including your grandchildren) will have the unique opportunity to see it again through an adult’s perspective, on this 1-hour DVD.

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